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We provide a free Emergency Contraception service for women aged 13 years and over. This service requires a face-to-face consultation with the pharmacist on the pharmacy premises which is completely confidential and discrete. A key point to note is that, the sooner a woman takes the emergency contraception pill, the more effective it is.

During this consultation the pharmacist will interview the client and provide information, appropriate professional advice, and if necessary, medication.

ulipristal acetate
It is also possible that a referral may necessary to a GP or Sexual Health services, in which case, this will be communicated at the consultation. In accordance with the guidance from the NHS, all pharmacists who provide this service are DBS checked and have received additional training to provide this service.

If you require further information, please contact the pharmacy by telephone during opening hours and a pharmacist will discuss it with you.

Further details about emergency contraception is available from NHS Choices  For family planning & advice please visit

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1 Richmond Road, Manton, Worksop. Nottinghamshire. S8O 2TP
Superintendent Pharmacist:
Mustafa Bhaiji

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Manton Pharmacy
1 Richmond Road, Manton, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S8O 2TP
Superintendent Pharmacist: Mustafa Bhaiji