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Providing an unbiased, evidence-based analysis of the science behind the health stories making the news.

Claims of a 'breakthrough' for Alzheimer's patients lack merit

“Is this the solution to Alzheimer's?” asks the Mail Online. Sadly, the report is an overblown reaction to a small, poor-quality and arguably over-hyped study

'Over-controlling' parents may be 'doing more harm than good'

“Helicopter parenting’ linked to behavioural problems in children' reports The Independent

Could some commonly used drugs improve survival from sepsis?

"Common drugs may stop sepsis, say doctors," the Times reports

Women who wake up early 'less likely to get depressed'

'Women who wake up early as they get older are less likely to develop depression than those who love a lie-in' the Mail Online reports

Is cannabis use rising in middle-aged people?

"Cannabis addiction rising among women and over 40s," BBC News reports.

Even slightly raised blood pressure in middle age may increase dementia risk

'Fifty-year-olds with slightly raised blood pressure are at an increased risk of getting dementia in later life' The Independent reports
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