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We provide the smoking cessation service in two ways:

  1. For customers who wish to buy the products themselves, will receive full advice and support from the pharmacists and/or team members.

  2. Via the smokefreelife and smoking services partnership in the form of vouchers from other smoking advisors where we would supply either Nicotine Replacement Therapy or Champix.

If you would like further information about which service would suit you best, speak to any of our pharmacists. There several resources that one can use online as well. We would recommend the following:

stop smoking
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1 Richmond Road, Manton, Worksop. Nottinghamshire. S8O 2TP
Superintendent Pharmacist:
Mustafa Bhaiji

Pharmacist GPhC Reg. Number: 2051032
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Manton Pharmacy
1 Richmond Road, Manton, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S8O 2TP
Superintendent Pharmacist: Mustafa Bhaiji